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Moose & Co.
Questions Answered

Q: What is Moose & Co.?
A: Moose & Co. is a family-run Welsh gift shop that focuses on providing unique gifts featuring Welsh tapestry, sayings, and quotes.

Q: What are some popular items at Moose & Co.?
A: Some popular items at Moose & Co. include home decor featuring Welsh tapestry blanket design homewares, accessories and gifts for the whole family featuring Welsh sayings and quotes.

Q: Can I find traditional Welsh Wool gifts at Moose & Co.?
A: No, at present we do not offer a range of traditional Welsh wool gifts, you visit our website see our social media site.

Q: Do you offer customized gifts?

A: yes, we do, we can customize and personalize most of our gift ranges to the customers requirements

Q: What is the Welsh word for gifts?

A: The most common used word you will see is Anrhegion, but different parts of Wales have different dialects 

Q: What is the Welsh word for Cuddle?

A: This has been a hot topick in Wales for many years, the most common word you will see is Cwtch, but this can also have the Cwtsh spelling.

Q: What does Carthen Mean?

A: Carthen is known in Wales as Blanket but it can translate in to coarse cloth but for many the Welsh language can be tricky with the same word having three or four different meanings.

Q: Do you ship products internationally?

A: Yes we do, we do ask customers to get in touch prior to order for overseas purchases, for ourselves  to find the best possible shipping price.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: We do accept returns with in 14 days of purchase but we must be notified with in 48 hrs, products must be in the original packaging  and undamaged, if the product arrived damaged we do ask to be notified with 24hrs of delivery and an image must be provided.

Q: Why has my item not arrived from Moose & Co

A: Our products are handmade to order and depending on the time of the year we do experience high demand, once your order is ready to be dispatched an email notification will be sent via email, you can call or email us directly if you have further questions

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