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Show off your Welsh family colours in style with our fully personalised photo frames. Choose your design, tartan 

These are made to order, so please order early for birthdays and Christmas.


These stunning little handmade Welsh Family Name Tartan Dragon/Heart pictures are perfect gifts for your family and friends and suitable for many occasions.


If you do not see your tartan please do get in touch as we have access to all Tartans 



Each frame picture comes with a piece of genuine welsh tartan which is 100% wool.

These are Handmade to order in Wales.

The outer frame is a 10 x 10 inches with the finished picture being a 6 x6 and these come with the mount.


These can be personalized with the Tartan of your choice, More images to follow, if you do not see the tartan of your choice please do get in touch as there are over 40 Welsh tartans available but we can also do Scottish and Irish tartan as well.

Welsh Tartan Photo frames

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